About Jesus Isreal Holy Land Tours

Jesus Isreal Holy Land Tours was launched by Carroll Roberson Ministries in 2007.  By having its own "in-house" tour company, they were able to provide more personalized service to the tour participants and have more control of the tour program.  Every effort is made to provide comprehensive information and the best accommodations, transportation, and programs possible for a reasonable price. 

     From the little town of Ripley, Mississippi, the Lord has called Carroll Roberson to minister to people all over the world.  After being saved by the Lord's grace at the age of twenty-eight anCarroll and Donna in Israeld after the Lord bringing him through throat cancer one year later, Carroll went into full-time ministry.  After serving two years as a pastor, he felt the Lord leading him into evangelism.

     Since 1987, Carroll has been preaching revivals, crusades and singing his music for our wonderful Savior to millions of people.  Carroll's music has opened numerous doors over the years for him to share Jesus Christ in word and song.  His music has brought him national and international success recording over twenty-five albums and writing over one hundred songs.  His music has become one of the most listened to in Christian music today even by our beloved president, George W. Bush.  His clear unique style ministers to a wide range of people from young to old and even foreign countries.  One of his albums, "His Hand In Mine", has sold over 100,000 copies.

     Even though he has received numerous awards and dozens of hit songs his first love is preaching God's word.  Carroll keeps the Holy Scriptures at the forefront of his ministry.  He studies daily from a Hebraic perspective and has helped countless people come to a richer understanding of God's word.  He feels his calling is to share the Bible with as many people as possible in this life.

     He and his wife Donna lead tours to Israel on a regular basis, uncovering treasures from the life of Christ that have changed many people's lives.  One of the goals for the ministry is to provide several trips to Israel each year and to develop a scholarship program for young ministers to be able to walk in the land of Jesus. 

     His love for the Lord and his years of study have qualified Carroll to be a servant and spokesman of God's mercy and grace.  Carroll's life is evidence that God uses simple people from ordinary backgrounds for His extraordinary work.

     Carroll has two sons, Shane and Brandon.  He and Donna attend Shady Grove Baptist Church in Ripley Mississippi when they are not traveling on the road.