Dear Brothers and Sisters in Messiah,

The Lord has been so gracious to give this ministry one of the most comprehensive trips going to Israel in the entire world  While most groups have to follow a standard, commercial tour, we have been given the privilege to design our own pilgrimage, and select the exact places for our groups.  Jesus Isreal Tours is the only  ministry in the world that focuses on the life of Christ for our entire stay in the land of Israel.

Because of the times in which we live, with unrest in so much of the world, economic crisis, immorality in every form, and such a spirit of apathy in most of our churches, traveling to Israel is more vital now, than ever before for our Christian lives.  It gets you out of the western-world mind-set, and places you on the very same ground where Jesus walked.  The real, biblical Jesus has been hidden under years and years of tradition, and being in the land of the Bible is the best place to see Him more clearly.

You will learn the religious and political situation in the time of Jesus, as well as see the geography of the Bible unfold.  You will learn deep biblical truths that will strengthen your walk with Christ, as we study from a Jewish perspective.

We will stay in Jerusalem four nights - where we will visit places like: The Garden Tomb, Mount of Olives, Garden of Gethsemane, The Via Dolorosa - all places where we will reflect on the last week of Jesus' life.  Then we will move north, via the Dead Sea, and Bet She'an, where we will stay five nights at the Sea of Galilee.  We will walk in Capernaum, Chorazin, The Mount of Beatitudes, Mt. Arbel, Ceasarea Phillipi, The Jordan River, Tiberias, and ride across the Sea of Galilee.  The last day of our pilgrimage we will visit Cana, Nazarath, the Valley of Armageddon, and Caesarea.

Our trips are customized just for our ministry, so we do not follow the standard Israeli itinerary.  Our flight from the States normally departs from New York or Newark, non-stop to Tel Aviv, Israel.  There we are met by our special driver and guide who work very hard to see our trip is a success.  They work very hard to make each day a new learning experience, and they know the heartbeat of our ministry.

People are already signing up for this trip, so to secure your place on the Spring 2017 Pilgrimage, please do not delay, as group seating is limited.  Fill out the registration form on the back of tour brochure, and mail it to: Carroll Roberson Ministries - 203 S. Clayton, Ripley, MS 38663, along with your deposit of $300, made payable to: Jesus Isreal Tours.

Our own images cloud the biblical account and make it harder to understand.  But traveling to Israel will make a profound impact on your life and you will return a different person.  The reason we are hosting groups to Israel today is an answer to my prayer years ago, and because of the change in my own life that was brought about by our Lord when I made my first visit.  After over thirty trips, the land of Israel is just as inspiring as that very first trip.  If you will go with an open mind, and a receptive heart, God will fill your life with wonder, awe, and excitement.  The Bible will never be the same!

Free brochures are available!


Bro. Carroll

Brochure and registration can be downloaded here or call the office at 800-523-3228 to register or for free brochures.